The C&J Group environmental policy formalises our commitment to understanding and minimising any adverse impacts our operations and our products have on the environment.

We will work towards our objective by:

  • Meeting or exceeding all environmental regulations in each of our workplaces
  • Maintaining a structured and consistent environmental management system, driving continuous improvement throughout our operations and effectively addressing hazards, risks and emerging issues
  • Driving the integration of environmental considerations into key elements of core business processes through innovation, clear objectives and engagement
  • Ensuring that all employees, contractors and visitors understand and comply with our environment policies, procedures and practices
  • Ensuring that consumption of resources, such as water, energy, packaging, chemicals and raw materials is reduced, or is as efficient as possible
  • Minimising wastes generated, and maximising diversion from landfill for waste materials, through recycling or re-use, from within our operations and across our client base
  • Protecting, enhancing and where possible, restoring biodiversity
  • Working across our supply chain to deliver commercially sound improvements in environmental performance


We acknowledge the significant challenge posed by climate change and the action required to avoid increasing the concentration of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere.

As an organisation we recognise the importance of our responsibilities in reducing our carbon footprint and looking for opportunities to achieve responsible carbon management.

We also recognise that climate change presents a number of risks to our business. We have adopted appropriate management systems, strategies and processes to adapt to these existing and emerging issues.

C&J Group’s Energy and Water Efficiency Project Team have worked to improve our company wide performance on energy, water and waste management.

Quality is a core value at C&J Group . It is our fundamental belief that quality assurance systems not only increase client satisfaction but enhance our long term productivity and competitiveness.

Our Quality Policy, strives to consistently deliver quality products as well as client expectations in time delivery of project, cost and distinction of quality work
The C & J Group Compliance manual forms the top level of our integrated management system documentation. It includes policy statements and reference to other documents in the system. Our integrated management system applies to the complete organisation of C & J Group Pty ltd. It is designed to address the following standards:

ISO 9001 Quality Management System Guidelines

AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Guidelines
Our Quality Assurance procedures rely on active participation, co-operation and dedication by all people involved within our organisation ensuring a quality product all the time, every time.

C&J Group are Quality Management  ISO: 9001 accredited.

C&J Group is committed to providing a safe workplace, driving a high performance culture, building employee capability and developing inspiring leaders.

A set of integrated programs assist C&J Group to develop and manage a safe and engaged workplace.

They include:

  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Strategy
  • Compliance Manual
  • Environmental Management Plan
  • OHSE Management Plan
  • Employee Induction Strategy
  • Company Procedure Manual
  • Code of Conduct


The use of Safe Work Method Statements and Risk assessment  documentation, enables C&J Group to satisfy their statutory obligations under relevant OHS and Environmental legislation, providing employees, clients and visitors with a healthy and safe workplace.

C&J Group holds accreditation against the  NSW government 4th edition guidelines for OHS management systems compliant with occupational health and safety management system guidelines.

C&J group are AS/NZS: 4801 accredited.