Information Technology

Our Information Technology Division have developed a number of application software’s which are able to provide thorough, timely and well-documented building evaluations, “due diligence” reports and capital plans for all types of facilities.

Our systems simplifies enterprise asset management by providing software tools and business solutions to increase accountability and gain regulatory compliance as an outcome of everyday tasks.

Our apps are designed to input relevant details that then produce actionable reports. Some of these reports identify deferred maintenance and categorize these issues, based on severity into either “Immediate Needs” or “Short Term Costs”. Once these issues are recorded, our system will pass information onto a separate app such as our Scoping App that allows a scope to be generated so that these issues can be costed and addressed.

Our Efficiency app focuses on energy efficiency measures to improve the energy performance of a building. This is invaluable in helping to develop energy strategies and management plans for clients.

Coupled along with our Auditing app which allows the Quality Assurance of the data being Processed in any of the above 3 applications, we have developed and end to end software system which can not be matched.

Our Apps are the premier software solutions for tracking physical accountability for all assets. The apps have been custom made based on experts in the field.

These complimentary apps allow you to have total control of your asset and precise knowledge of its life cycle.

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