Facilities Maintenance

C&J Group is a leading provider of Facilities Maintenance services to Government and Private organisations throughout NSW, ACT & VIC.

We offer a comprehensive range of services each specifically tailored to meet the unique customer needs of each market.

We place great value and importance in nurturing excellent working relationships with our clients, and ensure that our customers receive ongoing value and high standards of customer service.

C&J Group is committed to providing experienced personnel in the areas of management, licensed trades, skilled maintenance, and contract administration.
C&J Group is sure to provide you with the standards expected having a strong focus on improved continued performance.

Home Sustainability Assessments

The Australian Government previously released initiatives set out to help Australians tackle climate change. These Australian Federal Government’s energy efficiency measures, saw the introduction of Home Sustainability Assessments. This is an Assessment for property or business owners which involve the physical inspection of major energy and water systems relating to thermal comfort, water heating, lighting, refrigeration, electrical, entertainment, water consumption and waste management in the property.

Home Sustainability Assessment Advantages:

  • You can SAVE 15% TO 30% on your home or business energy & water bills each year.
  • You could be eligible for the solar hot water / PV Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)
  • Owner occupiers and landlords can add a 5% PREMIUM or more to the VALUE of their property by embracing green initiatives which lower building operating costs.
  • Landlords can improve ease of renting; improve tenant retention and overall occupancy.
  • The average Australian household produces 15 TONNES of Greenhouse Gas each year – A Home Sustainability Assessment can help you reduce these emissions in your home.

Things you can do to help your home or business:

  • Change your light bulbs and address possible water saving techniques
  • Place electrical appliances on standby
  • Draft proof your doors and windows to prevent leaking air. In winter draughts can account for up to 50% of heat losses in an insulated building
  • Installing a climate friendly hot water system which can save you $300 to $700 off electricity bills each year
  • Correctly mount your window coverings to help thermal performance
  • Window shadings can have a major effect on reducing heat transfer
  • Prevent heat and cold flows through walls and windows
  • Insulating ceilings and walls decreases this flow by providing effective resistance